React Native Auth0 App Rejected By Apple due to Apple Sign In UI in Universal Login

Our React Native app that uses the react-native-auth0 library with Universal Login got rejected by Apple because the UI of the Apple Sign In button doesn’t meet their requirements.

Guideline 4.0 - Design
We noticed an issue in your app that contributes to a lower quality user experience than Apple users expect:
Your app uses Sign in with Apple as a login option but does not use Sign in with Apple button design, branding and/or user interface elements appropriately as described in the Sign in With Apple Human Interface Guidelines.
Next Steps
To resolve this issue, please revise your app to address all instances of this type of issue.
For information on improving and enhancing your app:
Watch the video The Ingredients of Great Apps to understand the basics of great apps.
Watch the video iPhone and iPad User Interface Design for practical design tips.
Watch iOS Development Videos to learn about programming and design tips.
Review the iOS Human Interface Guidelines and ensure that your app’s interface and design adhere to these guidelines.

We used a customized version of the Universal Login page that was configured in the Auth0 dashboard and uses the default social authentication buttons. Please see screen shot:

I took a look at Auth0’s “new” universal login page and that one doesn’t follow Apple’s requirements on how the Sign In With Apple button either. See and the attached screen shot


Please tell me how to proceed here. I tried customizing the button with your interface and wanted to replace it with an icon form Apple for the button but I’m unable to do so. Button:

Thank you!

Note, I’ve submitted a support ticket but as this is blocking our release I’m reaching out to the community for help in hope for a faster response.

Hey there!

I started discussing it with our engineering team @inga! Will let you know once I have any news but developer support engineers will probably help you faster so don’t close any of the two tickets you opened here in the community and in the support center. Thanks!

I got an answer on my support ticket. The latest lock version has updated the UI to follow Apple’s guidelines. I just had to use v11.22.1 in my customized universal login page like so:
<script src=""></script>
I will submit to Apple again and mark this as solved if there are no issues.

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Gotchya! Thanks a lot for letting us know!

Let us know once you have any news from the Apple Developer team!

Hey @konrad.sopala,
the app was accepted!

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Woooohooo! Glad to hear that!