Hide "Sign in with Apple" on Android devices while using new universal login

We are using new Universal Login. Is there a way to show “Sign in with Apple” only on Apple devices and hide it on Android devices?

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Let me confirm that and get back to you shortly!

Are you now seeing that on Android as well?

Yes. “Continue with Apple” shows up on Android devices as well.

Also, Apple rejected the app giving following reason. We are using new universal login without any customization.

Your app uses Sign in with Apple as a login option but does not use the appropriate Sign in with Apple button design, branding, and/or user interface elements as described in the Sign in With Apple Human Interface Guidelines. Specifically:

  • Your Sign in with Apple button is not placed on an appropriate background. White buttons should not be on light backgrounds. Black buttons and white buttons with a black outline should not be on dark backgrounds.

I see that you’re using auth0.js as you’ve added such tag to your topic. We had such issues in the past with Sign In WIth Apple in different SDKs and the main reason pretty much was that the library wasn’t following strictly Apple’s guidelines.

For that I recommend raising a GitHub issue in the auth0.js repo so that repo maintainers can handle that directly.

In terms of hiding the button on Android devices, I’m not sure if the API covers this aspect to let you hide it on Android. I believe when you configure that it’s automatically displayed in your apps on both platforms.

Tagging auth.js is not correct. I am using standard new universal login.

App was approved after I filed an appeal with App Review Board.
We will let Apple Sign in be there for Android users as well.

Thank you for your help, konrad.sopala!

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Perfect! Glad to hear that!

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