Auth0 React Native Sign-in with apple: native login prompt not showing the proper application/ icon

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Hi all,

I’ve been following this guide to set up Sign In With Apple for our React Native application:

After I set up our Apple connection, web authentication flows seem to work fine. However, in app (screenshot above) you can see that the application name is set to “null” and whenever attempting to log in using the native prompt the application hangs for around 30 seconds (screenshot below) and then I get an error message stating: “Could Not Connect Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi or your cellular network” (also screenshotted below) (edit: n/a, this seems to be a simulator issue). I can then go through the normal web-based authentication flow and proceed normally. Any idea what I could be doing wrong here? Here’s what I’m passing to the webAuth function in the React Native SDK:

auth0.webAuth.authorize({ scope: 'openid profile email offline_access', connection: 'apple' }); 

Additional screenshots:

Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 2.57.47 PM

Ok, I actually just double checked this with our prior implementation (we’re migrating to Auth0 from Firebase) and it seems like the native flow not working is actually an iOS simulator issue. However, I’d still definitely like to fix the “null” app issue if possible; not sure if I’m missing some config file or some .plist file or something. Thanks in advance for the help!

Addendum 2:

Just rebuilt the app and now instead of showing “null” for the application it shows the default auth0 url and no app icon:

While this is better, it isn’t really what I was hoping for here. Do I have to use a custom URL scheme to make this look how I want it to?