How do I trigger a test email for blocked email template?

When I manually trigger a test email for the ‘blocked email’ template the UI shows
“Email was succesfully sent”.
However! No email reached my inbox, and there’s no indication in the logs that anything was triggered. I’ve tested the other templates with the same email address and they all appear to work.

Any ideas what’s causing the issue?

I just tested that now and it works for me.

If you haven’t done so already, check if you’re being affected by the issue described in this question: Issue with password reset mail not being sent - Auth0 Community

The question itself is for the password reset email template, but the same problem can apply to the blocked email template. In addition, if you need to perform the fix do ensure that you’re providing an actual boolean value for the disabled property. For example, due to the nature of Javascript providing the string "false" would still be a truthy value.