When user is blocked, Auth0 isn't sending the block email template

We’re trying to use the block email template when a user is blocked over the management API and isn’t working (event if we use Auth0 portal to block it).

Is there any required configuration to enable it?

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Thank you for posting your question. I’ve checked your tenant and found two things that may cause an issue. 1st is that I couldn’t find any information that the user was blocked in the logs. Can you confirm that you were blocking users, not a tenant member? 2nd is that your tenant is using Rules which are deprecated features. I would encourage you to switch from using them to Actions which are more reliable and easier to use.


Dawid, I’ve blocked an user right now and it was logged as a update user api operation but the user profile is marked as blocked. Is it correct to block this way? Could you check now?

Oh, and when I try to use the Auth0 Flutter SDK for the user, it’s saying that user is blocked.
Why the User Blocked Email Template isn’t triggering?

Hi @blockey

Sorry for the delay in the response. I’ve checked with the team, and the blocked account email template is triggered when you use the brute force protection.

This email will be sent whenever a user is blocked due to suspicious login attempts.

To achieve the described flow, you will need to build an app and make a fire request to both the Management API to block the user and the email service to send emails to the user.

I hope this will help you.


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