Blocked Account Email, include Password Reset Link

When a user is blocked by multiple password failures, our tenant is correctly sending the ‘Blocked Account Email’, but I would prefer to create a password reset ticket/link, instead of a unblock ticket/link.

Either the user has forgotten their password, and they should be changing it (most likely scenario), or Auth0 threat detection has decided a bad actor is targeting this account. It makes more sense to me that we directly request the user to update their password.

If there any means by which I can make the Blocked Account email include a password reset link?

*Note, on a paid account and have ability to customize template.

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Hi @edward.finn

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Thank you for posting your question. I’ve reviewed the available triggers for Actions, and currently, it doesn’t seem possible, even with customized templates, to include a password reset link in the Blocked Account Email template. I would encourage you to bring up this suggestion in the Feedback category and vote on it. Our Product team is constantly checking suggestions from the community and considering them for future releases.


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