Notify a user that is blocked when try to login

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Hi. I just noticed that if a blocked user tries to login, no feedback to the user is provided. They just try to login and nothing happens. no message, anything. so, the user does not know what is going on. Is there a way in this scenario to maybe send an email to the user explaining what is going on? Or that auth0 gives some feedback to the user in the login page. Better if maybe can be configured over a flow for example from dashboard with no code

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Thank you for posting your question, If the user has been blocked by one of your attack protection system, you can configure the email notification that would inform the user that their account have been blocked and how to unlock it. โ†’ Brute-Force Protection

In terms of UI changes I would encourage you to open up a new thread in the Feedback category.


Thanks Dawid. The block is not due to an attack reason. there is a business reason behind it. Except for that the scenario is similar to the one you describe. You think that it would be reasonable anyway to use your propose solution?

Thanks, Dan

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