Hotmail user not receiving link/code email


We have a user that is trying to login to our app using a email address but they are telling us they are not receiving any codes. I can see in the auth0 logs that the code/link email is being sent to them successfully but the user cannot find the email in their inbox or junk folders.

Is there a way for us to investigate further and see if hotmail is blocking the emails or anything else that might be happening?


It happens to me before but it is not related to auth0. It is related to mail provider. In my case I use sendgrid, the ip address that sendgrid use is block by microsoft. At that time I use free account which led to ip address is not static and it will randomly get any ip address. To avoid this, i upgrade my account into “Pro”. It has dedicated ip address.

We are not using a custom email provider so the issue seems to be with the default auth0 email provider?