Help for anyone with issues of logo not loading / bug in auth0 current logo implementation


I spent a long time trying to figure out what was going on with an issue I started having a few months ago with auth0. I originally opened this ticket with the auth0 support team who did not help me in figuring out what was going on: Auth0 Support Center
Anyways to summarize the issue, I had a logo set up on my auth0 single page application that I changed the name of in my repository where I was loading the image from. What I figured out today is that the actual get request in that auth0 is making to load this image on the page does not update when I change the source of the image in my application dashboard. My solution for now was to rename the image to be what the request initially was looking for. The request that gets made when the page initially loads goes to the first spot that I put when I made the project and subsequent changes to that in the auth0 settings never affected this request. The auth0 request for this image should be updated whenever the image source gets changed in the application settings as well as the tenant settings. Hope this helps anyone who has run into similar issues, and hopefully we can get further insights into the universal logins’ setup in general since it seems very vague for any user to work with.

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