Auth0 Custom Universal Login Logo does not show up---please help

My custom login logo did show up with old url of the .svg. Once i change the url to .png, i did not show up. At the browser console, this has error of request the old url. But if i right click at the browser and load image, it did show up the new logo. Please help for that

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Potentially, the issue may be with the image URL itself.
I just tried a sample URL url for jpg image to check it out - it works for me. Can you please try to open your jpg logo via browser tab to see a URL of it? This way you should receive a valid URL of your logo to use in your Universal Login page!

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Thanks for your reply.

see attach photo to explain everything.

i try to clear browser cache. Download new browser for my pc. This result is the same as the photo. please check and help.

Hey there, I looked at your tenant settings and for the New Universal Login Page that you are using, the logo is set to the URL with the .svg extension. This

The New ULP seats entirely on Auth0 server, which would explain why our server returns the .svg. logo link.
I think the first step would be to provide via dashboard the relevant logo url (your tenant โ†’ Branding โ†’ Universal Login โ†’ Logo URL).

In case you still encounter issues with logo display it might be worth verifying your codebase (especially parts that seats on the browser) to see if you are sending some conflicting / invalid request that changes the behaviour of the Universal Login Page Experience of your application.


thanks for reply. i cannot find your tenant โ†’ Branding โ†’ Universal Login โ†’ Logo URL

Please help.

Hey @Logisoft! As per your last screenshot - you should find the logo url prompt under the Customization Options tab.

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