Auth0 Badge image not found

For some reason an image asset used in universal login pages is Not Found. For example when I login, the bottom link should be an image but it is falling back to its alt value “Link to the Auth0 website”

If I look in the chrome javascript console I see:
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 () auth0-logo.svg:1

How can I fix this? I am using the New Universal Login experience.

Can you post the URL to this image. I don’t this this logo myself, but maybe it’s only showing on free tenants (not sure).
What’s your tenant name? (you can DM me; and if there’s a public test url of your app/login, that one as well). Thanks.

Thanks. Sent you DM regarding the tenant name.

The URL of the missing image asset is https://[tenantname]

I tested it with my own free tenant (it only shows in free tenants) and I can confirm, the image is broken. I’m reporting it internally.

OK thank you. Sounds like nothing I can control, I will keep an eye out for if and when its fixed.

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Look out for a fix around tomorrow 1.10pm UTC. Issue got resolved internally, just awaiting deployment.


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