Has there been a change to the free plan offerings?

We’ve been using auth0 successfully for a little while now. However a few days ago we started having issues in one of our tenants with a previously working app. Thee gist of the error was the client secret wasn’t being accepted, however I’ve checked it and it’s correct. We have made no changes or redeployments to our app.

The only other thing that stuck out to me was there was a licensing error on the enterprise users page. We’ve been using them for months without issue though, has there been a change to the free tier recently that disallows these types of users.

Hey there @anthony.murphy!

Thanks a lot for reporting that! Can you send me your tenant name over private message?

Hey there!

Have you had a chance to see my last message?

Hi Konrad,

Sorry I missed it. I sent you our tenant name via DM.

Thank you @anthony.murphy!

We’re investigating what is the reasoning behind such behaviour and will get back to you shortly!

Hey @anthony.murphy!

I’ve got one more request for you. Can you share with me the screenshot of an error you got on the enterprise users page?

Hi Konrad, it seems to have vanished. I’ve attempted to log in again but get the same errors.

So you no longer have problems with client secret but you still get that error on the enterprise users page? Can you provide me with a screenshot of that?

Hey there!

Have you had a chance to see my last message?

Hi Konrad, it’s the other way around:

No errors on Enterprise Users
Still cannot authenticate with Azure Active Directory

got it! Can you share with me the steps so I can try to reproduce it? Any other context, information, screenshots will be really helpful!

Hi Konrad,

The application we’re using Auth0 with is Apache Nifi. This configuration has not changed since it was working.

When I visit the page to log in I get to the auth0 logins screen and enter my Azure Active Directory credentials. Nifi then responds with it’s own error: “The login request identifier was not found in the request. Unable to continue.”

When I check the logs in auth0 it tells me that there was a failed login, and the cause was an invalid access token. However when I check the configuration in Apache Nifi the token and everything else seem correct:

nifi.security.user.oidc.connect.timeout=5 secs
nifi.security.user.oidc.read.timeout=5 secs

There are also lots of “failed exchange” messages in the logs. They occur about every 2 hours.

failed_exchange.txt (559 Bytes) invalid_request.txt (2.2 KB)

Never mind Konrad I figured it out. The secret had expired in Azure.

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Ohhhh gosh! Great you’ve found this one out!

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