Not Able to log into my Auth0 account


I am locked out of my Auth0 account, I am being asked for a recovery code, and when I type it in, the login page says it is incorrect

We have a developer pro plan

Ironically when I ask your sales team to help they are asking me to log into the account to raise a ticket and it is becoming like some sort of comedy gig

We have customers from my company waiting for some changes we need to apply to their tenant and I am out of words to explain why

Please can somebody help
Thank you

Hi @Lucalicata,

It sounds like you need your MFA reset. If there is another admin on your tenant they can create a support ticket for your, or if you are the sole admin on the tenant please DM me the tenant name and I will handle it.

Hi Dan,

I am the sole admin for that tenant, the Tenant should be wtv or wtv-platform(or both)

Haven’t accessed them for a while, but please let me know if you can help with it

Thank you very much in advance for your help

Sounds good! I received your DM and we can handle it there.

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