Single Sign On For Auth0 Tenant administrators?

I’m struggling to find any mention elsewhere of this. I suspect my google foo is failing me.

I’ve created our company and trial account, I am a tenant administrator and I can invite my fellow administrators to the tenant. I would like those admin users to need to authenticate through our central identity management system Azure Active Directory. If one of my sysadmins left and I forgot to take them out of Auth0 we could leave a hole in organisation.

Just to be clear I am not talking about Applications and Connections within our tenant I’m talking about the top level administration of our Auth0 account.

It appears that administrators of a Auth0 Tennant can only be username password credentials set up within Auth0 only. Is this the case or am I missing something?


If I am not mistaken, this feature is available for enterprise accounts and must be setup through a support ticket.

Thanks, good to know it is an option. Probably will need to speak to someone in the sales team soon. Still have a few days of trial left and some technical bits we are trying out. +1 for your documentation. Haven’t needed to reach out apart from this question so far!

That is great to hear :smiley:. If you run into any more questions don’t hesitate to open up another topic!