Auth0 service down?

Seems like auth0 has been going up and down this morning approx 7:50 - 8:30 ET. Not seeing anything on the status page indicating an outage. Could only get into forums just now, seems like there should be an email link on the status page to let people report things while the infrastructure (that allows for reporting) is not up.

Hey there @rcgoodfellow!

Just investigating it for you! Will get back to you as soon as possible!


Managed to confirm with our developer support team that we haven’t had an outage. Can you tell me via private message what is your tenant name and region + what do you exactly mean by our service going up and down? You mean like longer response times or service not available at all? Thank you!

As a fellow user, I’d also be interested to know what you mean by going up and down.


This morning we experienced the following.

  • authentications through our tenant endpoint timing out
  • unable to access the management portal for our tenant through the auth0 website
  • unable to login to support site
  • the auth0 status page was not rendering status, just pulsating grey boxes

Our internet connection seemed fine as a plethora of other services were working just fine.

There were brief periods in this time when authentication requests would go through, but for the most part all requests were timing out. Hence the up and down.

Hey there!

Have you had a chance to see my previous private message?

We’ve established with @rcgoodfellow that Auth0 didn’t have any internal or external outage at that time. It works now and seems it was a temporary issue.

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