Is the service down?

The last couple of days, development on my app integrated with auth0 has grind down to snails pace. auth0-js seems to take ages to parse the token and most of the time, it just fails to fetch the wellknow jwks. The status pages however shows everything looks alright but it takes me a while even to login to my auth0 account or this community.

Please tell me this is temporary, I can’t convince my company to swap over to Auth0 if I can’t guarantee service availability.

To add specifics, I work from Perth, Australia and I’m on a free account.

Thank you.

Hello @jaison.jacob,

Probably not very helpful: I haven’t noticed any issues with my tenants, but my tenants are all in the US and I’m in Canada. I assume your tenants are in Australia? I haven’t seen or heard of any general slowness issues.

Thanks Mark. I’m beginning to think it was probably my Ad block. For the record, the account was based in US.

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Hey there @jaison.jacob!

Wee had an outage last Friday (problem with Facebook: but now everything should be back to normal. Can you confirm if it’s working normally for you now?