Restore access to our US based account

We are a US based company in California. We have used Auth0 for years and now all of our clients (mostly who are based in the US) can no longer access our application because we have used off-shore developers in
the past. Can anyone help get this resolved quickly? I really appreciate it.


If you are trying to reach us regarding termination of service today, March 21, 2022, please forward your email to


I’ve sent more information to that email as well as to another email address who we had been in contact with first. Still no access, all of our customers and applications are all still down. This is horrible service. If a company is going to completely remove our access to everything I would have expected at least a phone call or more notice. Especially when its based on mis-information or a guess based on some users.

Just received this response.
“Thank you for supplying the information. Our compliance department has responded and let us know that the tenants in question comply with US law and sanctions and may be reactivated. This may take up to 72 hours.”

72 Hours to restore service that should never have been turned off is unacceptable and horrible customer service. I can’t believe no one can make this go faster. Is anyone else able to assist here? We need to have our platform back up and running by tomorrow morning at the absolute latest.

Thankfully I received a followup email a few minutes after I sent this email above to support and our account has been restored to being active. Makes for a horrible day but at least we are back up and running.