Can not Access my Account

Need help accessing my account, i was blocked from logging in my Auth0. I have the correct password but no longer have access to the email account. Need to get into my account, am paying a monthly fee.

Hey there @cole2 welcome to the community!

Sorry to hear you were locked out of your account :confused: Please follow the steps in creating a message and tagging support - At this point someone from our team can create a support request on your behalf.

@tyf Thank you for the response but again i can not open a support ticket because i can not log in. This is insane. I am paying customer and can not get into my account because you guys locked me out of it. I know my email log in, I know my password login.

I have been trying to get into my account for a month now. I am going to start marking the charges as fraudulent and switch to a service that allows you to contact them for customer support.

Again i can not open a support ticket because you guys do not allow people to do it unless you are in a paid account which i can not get in because out of the blue you locked me out.

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Hey @cole2!

Sorry for the misunderstanding, I wasn’t referring to creating a support ticket but rather a message within discourse with support tagged. It looks like you were able to send us a message and a support ticket was created on your behalf - Someone from support should reach out to the email provided soon :pray:

Again, I apologize for the confusion!

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