For how long is Node v4 supported?


First, sorry for creating the topic if it already exits. The search didn’t return anything regarding my question.

We are using Auth0 with custom WordPress db connection. Unfortunately Login and Get Users scripts we had in place were not playing well with Node v8 so we had to downgrade to Node v4 in Advanced Tenant settings in order have login + sign up features running on our website.

I’m aware that Node v4 is deprecated but unfortunately we cannot make both scripts compatible with v8 at the moment due to dev team not being present ( e.g. vacation ). However we plan to address this issue in August.

Here it says the support for v4 is permanently removed on June 30th 2019 and since it’s still available in Tenant settings, I wonder if you’re planning to keep it available for some more time. If so, how long would that be?

Thank you in advance

Hey there!

Let me ask the team responsible for that feature! I’ll get back to you once I receive that info!

Hi @metin.ucar! I’m Chip, product manager for extensibility here at Auth0. My team is responsible for the node.js 4 end-of-life project.

You’re still able to use Node.js 4 in your Auth0 tenant? That’s amazing! Any moment over the next few days, the infrastructure to support Node.js 4 in Auth0 tenants is going away forever.

The documentation is correct, and Node.js 4 support was end-of-life on June 30, 2019. If your Auth0 tenants are still able to use Node.js 4 for Rules, Hooks, or Custom Database Scripts, then it’s because of a bug. As we drain traffic from those servers, we are likely to change your tenant to node.js 8 again without any notice.

That said, we understand you have a very good reason for staying on Node.js 4 this long, and we’d like to help! Let’s get you and your team on Zoom with us ASAP to fix up your Login and Get Users scripts before that happens.

Can you please message me your Auth0 tenant names, contact info, and timezone, so we can get the ball rolling?


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Hi @Chipadeedoodah,

I just reviewed our tenant settings again and it seems Node v4 just went away and v8 is in use. Then tested both existing Login and Get User scripts, and they seem to work. Even on production environment, sign up was working properly ( this was not working previously ).

This is both great and confusing as both scripts ( which were not throwing esOCKETTIMEDOUT errors ) seem to work now.

I’ll message you the tenant name in a message so that you can see the state of our tenant yourself.

Thank you for quick responses and help

Hi @metin.ucar! Great to hear that things are working as they should. Also received your PM, we’ll continue those conversation threads there. :slight_smile:


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