Failed Sending Notification

Hi all,

I have 1 user that when trying to sign up they do not receive the verification email, looking at the history on their account there is a log entry for ‘Failed Sending Notification’ and the error message states "error": "Error sending email: Empty from email address (required)"

They are using a gmail account so it’s not like it’s a work account getting blocked.

All other verification emails work just fine and the from email is filled in globally so I’m unsure where to go with this.

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We had the same issue.
Seems like a non reported bug/outage…

Yeah I couldn’t find any other info on it, I also couldn’t change this posts tag to bug so I’ve reposted it as a bug here - Failed Sending Notification Bug
Hopefully we will get an answer and it was just a glitch in the matrix :slight_smile: