Failed Sending Notification Bug

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I have 1 user that when trying to sign up they do not receive the verification email, looking at the history on their account there is a log entry for ‘Failed Sending Notification’ and the error message states "error": "Error sending email: Empty from email address (required)"

They are using a gmail account so it’s not like it’s a work account getting blocked.

All other verification emails work just fine and the from email is filled in globally so I’m unsure where to go with this. Seems like it is an unreported bug/outage.

I already posted the question here - Failed Sending Notification but I couldn’t change the tag to bug so had to repost.

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I opened a support ticket and they did in fact confirm that this was a bug on thier end.

I’m glad to hear it was just a bug thats bean fixed! Thank you for sharing the info :slight_smile: