No email sent on verification_email: job fails all the time

What I want:

  • Require email verification
  • Send email verification
  • Allow user to re-send email verification

What I have already:

  • Verification email template is enabled
  • I can send verification email using ruby gem

No email sent

As a result of sending email I get job_id

{"type"=>"verification_email", "status"=>"pending", "created_at"=>"2022-01-06T09:10:25.100Z", "id"=>"job_6GfSCow5eOsYZfsc"}

Later, I try to check why email is not sent by checking job status and I got job failed

{"type"=>"verification_email", "status"=>"failed", "created_at"=>"2022-01-06T09:10:25.100Z", "id"=>"job_6GfSCow5eOsYZfsc"}

Also tried to get job errors from API, but it returns me same response with no details

3.0.3 :010 > Auth0Api::CLIENT.get_job_errors('job_6GfSCow5eOsYZfsc')
 => {"type"=>"verification_email", "status"=>"failed", "created_at"=>"2022-01-06T09:10:25.100Z", "id"=>"job_6GfSCow5eOsYZfsc"} 

How can I debug this?

Hi @denys,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Have you set up a custom email provider?

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