Sending verification e-mail 'manually'


I am struggling with the same thing as in this ticket

I want to use the api/v2/jobs/verification-email endpoint to send the verification email but not have it send automatically when the user is created. Emails are not sent when Status is disabled (as documented), but when I enable Status for Verification emails that will get sent automatically when I create a user. And I want to send the verification emails at a later stage. The ticket linked here never actually answered the question.

Reason is by the way that we have developed a command-line tool to create users. It uses the Management API (obviously) and a machine-to-machine token. This is great for our purpose. However I do want to create the users on behalf of an Application defined on Auth0, in order to get the correct email content etc.

So how to do this?

Hope somebody can help.

Hi @leon,

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When you create the user via the Management API, you can pass verify_email: false to not send a verification email:

verify_email: boolean (optional) Whether the user will receive a verification email after creation (true) or no email (false). Overrides behavior of email_verified parameter.

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