Can't send "Verification Email" if template is disabled

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I have a question about configuration of “Verification Email” feature: is it possible to disable automatic send of verification email to users who sign up using email, but keep an ability to send verification email manually by management api?

To disable automatic send I disabled “Verification Email” template (cause I didn’t find any other settings which will help me to achieve it), however in this case Auth0 doesn’t send verification email even by api call to management api, all “verification_email” jobs in the “pending” status and nothing changed till template is enabled back.

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Hey Ashot - The only way to do this currently would be to leave the template enabled and only create users with a call to the Management API with verify_email: false in the body. Unfortunately adding this kind of option to Lock could allow an end user to change that flag and skip the verification step.

I could definitely understand wanting to be able to manually send emails with the automatic sending turned off at a global level. The documentation doesn’t mention how this works and API responses you’re seeing are not clearly communicating how the system is actually behaving. Both of which should certainly be addressed. I’ll pass this feedback along to our Product team. Thanks for bringing it up, and hopefully the Management API solution will help you out in the meantime.


Matt Maddex
Technical Support Engineer

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