Error in Auth0 Dashboard - cannot create management API token for test

I’m getting an API Error in Auth0 dashboard when navigating to the “Test” tab and the “API Explorer” tab for the Management API. The test-token i not being published and I cannot “copy token”.

Hope someone can help.

Hey there @sbf!

Thank you for reporting that! Can you send me your tenant name over private message? Also I would really appreciate if you can send me a HAR file capturing the flow with the error so I can inspect how it got there. Here’s how to get the HAR file:

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Have you had a chance to see my previous message?

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Hi Konrad - did you get my PM?

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I received it now :slight_smile: I’ll investigate it and get back to you!

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Hey there @sbf again!

Seems like the problem is / was on our side. When analyzing your HAR file I saw two 500 status codes regarding what you described which is internal server error. I’ll relay that HAR file as well as your tenant name to appropriate team to investigate and fix it. Could you let me know by the way if it still happens for you?

Hi Konrad.
Thank you for the update.
Issue is still in my dashboard.

Gotchya! Thanks for providing that info!

Hey there @sbf!

It looks like there is an error inside of one of your webtasks. You would need to correct your scripts to resolve. I just asked the team to share with me the webtask that you need to fix. I’ll send it to you via private message once they send it to me. Thank you!