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Error in Auth0 Dashboard - cannot create management API token for test

I’m getting an API Error in Auth0 dashboard when navigating to the “Test” tab and the “API Explorer” tab for the Management API. The test-token i not being published and I cannot “copy token”.

Hope someone can help.

Hey there @sbf!

Thank you for reporting that! Can you send me your tenant name over private message? Also I would really appreciate if you can send me a HAR file capturing the flow with the error so I can inspect how it got there. Here’s how to get the HAR file:

Hey there!

Have you had a chance to see my previous message?

Hey there :slight_smile:

Friendly ping :slight_smile:

Hi Konrad - did you get my PM?

Hey there!

I received it now :slight_smile: I’ll investigate it and get back to you!

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