App_metadata update: "Error! API Error. Please contact support if the problem persists"

Hi all,

When I try to update the JSON of “app_metadata” through the GUI interface of Auth0, I receive the error

“Error! API Error. Please contact support if the problem persists”.

Therefore, I cannot update any app_metadata of any user.

How can I solve this?

Thank you in advance

Hey there!

I think we will be able to assist you. Can you send me a private message with your tenant name and also attach a HAR file of the flow when you try to do that via GUI so we can see what is happening behind the browser? Thank you! Here’s the instruction:

Hi Konrad,

Thank you for reaching out this quickly and your help!

I sent the info through private message.

Looking forward to your response.

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Perfect! Will look into that shortly!

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Hey there everyone!

It seems like an issue was with a rule they have.

user.app_metadata must be an object, not a string.