User Creation Metadata Rule

When attempting to add a Rule to user creation metadata I, the owner of the account, receive an error regarding permissions. Does anyone know what I have to do to avoid this error?

Error! You don’t have permissions to access the resource

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Hi @aprashar, welcome to Auth0 Community! :partying_face:


Can you please send me the email you are using and the tenant in question? Please send those in a PM.

If you can confirm that have all the permission required to make changes in the tenant:

  1. Attempt logging in and making changes in a different browser
  2. Logging out, clearing your cache, and logging back in
  3. If you have access to another tenant (test or otherwise) are you able to make any changes there?
  4. If none of the above works, could you open Developer Tools for your browser and attempt the change to reproduce the error. Gathering a network trace might show why the request is failing. See steps here:

Please look into the above options and let me know if any allow you to update these settings.