Error in Auth0 Dashboard - cannot get test API Token - Error login expired


I have a similar issue to this -

However - I get to the page upon clicking test for the API, but it differs in that I am then logged out and re-directed to the login page.

Does anyone have a solution to this issue?

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A few possibilities:

  • It might be possible that the “Test application” that is created to request the token has been altered or deleted altogether.
    Look for the “API Explorer” app in the dashboard (in the Applications) section. If you find it, delete it. Then go to the “Test” tab again and you’ll get:

  • The token expiration setting for the API was set to a value too low.
  • There’s a client-credentials hook that is getting in the way, preventing the issuance of the token.

Check the above and let us know how it goes.

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Thank you fro the reply.

I do apologise.

When I access an application connected to the API, through the application’s Quick Start page I can get the access token.

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