Error when saving Token Expiration in Dashboard

I want to change my Token Expiration (Seconds). I visit and change the number. I’m shown an error that says:

Path validation error: ‘Object didn’t
pass validation for format
resource-server-id: management’ on
property id (The id of the resource
server to update).

In fact, I’m shown that error even if I reload the page, and simply press Save without changing the Token Expiration.

How do I change the Token Expiration (Seconds)? Is this an auth0 bug or something I’m doing wrong?

This is because the route you are on is invalid. The correct URL would look something like:{SOME_ID_HERE/settings

The ID from the URL is used in API calls to update the API settings. You can access the correct route by going to the API list ( and clicking on the Auth0 Management API.

It is a bug on our end that allows the route you are on to be accessible. I have logged this with our engineering team.

You’re right, thanks! I wonder how I got to that route now. I’m pretty sure I navigated using the Auth0 website (as opposed to an old bookmark). But I wouldn’t swear that I hadn’t that page open for a long time; perhaps the route existed before but no longer exists.