Error! API Error. Please contact support if the problem persists

Hi all, I am getting this error when I access roles from the Auh0 UI…
Error! API Error. Please contact support if the problem persists

Anyone else experiencing this? API Seems broken as well, as my rules are not working anymore…

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We are also seeing this problem with viewing existing roles. Plus we’ve had a test user see an failed email verification error.

I am also seeing this same issue from the auth0 UI as well as all API calls. Our apps use role based permissions so we are completely down currently.

Update: was just putting a ticket in and it started working again (roles and permissions are now displayed in UI and API calls are returning proper data)


It looks like role based API calls are working again. We are back up and running.

Nothing reported on their status page.

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Hey folks!

There was a brief incident with Roles and Authentication API

It should be all good now. If you are still seeing issues please let me know.

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Everyone, you may want to review your users. We discovered a couple of new users that signed up this morning have corrupt auth0 accounts; ie: no authorized applications and no assigned roles.

We have a rule that is run that assigns a role on sign up. It looks like it was failing as early as 2020-07-23 09:35 AM MST (UTC-6).

We simply deleted the accounts and asked our users to sign up again.

@dak2009 do you see any error in tenant logs? This almost certainly is not related to the incident, but I can take a look at your logs if you like.

Can you guys confirm now it it’s working fine for you? Thanks!

All good for me, thanks Konrad!

Perfect! Glad to hear that!

Art, can you take a look. I think we were seeing 2 issues yesterday. The role API problem and something else with email verification failing in a mysterious way. I’m going to look into the email verification problem in the next few hours and then post a support request.

Rate Limit On API at 2020-07-23 19:44:38.826 UTC
Failed Signup at 2020-07-23 15:37:52.878 UTC

The Failed Signup auth0 account was missing Authorized Applications and our custom rule to add a role probably failed due to the Role API issue Auth0 had on Thursday.

Hey @dak2009, sorry about the delay. I don’t see any indications of anything suspicious at this time. Not sure what had transpired here, really. Please DM me if you experience something like this again.

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