Email Verified screen showing general error instead of link expired

In our company we are using the new universal email verification emails.
We are seeing a wrong error description when the link in the verification email is expired.

We see the unknownErrorDescription instead of invalidaccountOrCodeDescription.

We set the URL Lifetime in the email templates for Verification Email (using Link)

Are we misunderstanding how the errors are described?

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Hi @bartosz.strachowski,

Thanks for reaching out to the Auth0 Community!

The unknownErrorDescription error text is the expected error message when trying to open an expired verification email link.

In your tenant logs, you should be able to see more details about the failed verification email error as well. For this scenario, you should expect to see the "invalid result url: /login?message=Access%20expired.&success=false" error description:



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Hey @rueben.tiow
Would you tell me what are the scenarios each of those error descriptions are showing?
Most of the time we are getting the unknownErrorDescription


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Hi @bartosz.strachowski,

Thank you for the reply.

The unknownErrorDescription is a catch-all error for most conditions with the Email Verification flow.

Only Adaptive MFA and the Email verification flows with Azure AD/ADFS triggers the invalidAccountOrCodeDescription error.

(Reference: How to use "Email Verification (using code)")

Please let us know if you have any additional questions!


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