A generic error message shown on the email verification screen when a specific one is expected

I’m testing the out-of-the-box email verification flow with the new Universal Login.
After registering as a new user, I get an email with a link to confirm my address. When I click on it, it shows that the email was verified - happy path works fine.

But I’m trying to test some error scenarios and what I’ve found is that I always see the generic error message even in cases which I’d expect to see a specific, more useful, message:

  1. When I click on the same link for the second time. I’d expect to see the message from alreadyVerifiedDescription, but I see the text from unknownErrorDescription instead.
  2. When I click on a link which hasn’t been previously used but is expired, I’d expect to see the message from auth0-users-expired-ticket field but I, again, see the message from unknownErrorDescription.

Is it me doing something wrong, or is there a bug in Auth0 causing the generic error message to be shown in all cases?
It’s very confusing for the users and prevents them recovering from the situation they got themselves into…

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi there.
We are facing the exact same issue.
Was there something that helped you with it? Or were you able to sort it out?

Similar issue is happening when the link is expired.
There is no specific message but this general error.

Hi @jaroslaw.marek please let us know if you find a solution to this, we run into the same problem.

Hi @aledev @bartosz.strachowski
Unfortunately we didn’t find a proper solution to this.
Our workaround is still to have the unknownErrorDescription set to a text that describes what might have actually happened. It’s far from ideal as it basically says “Account was already verified or the link expired, or something else went wrong…”

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