Email verification redirect not including user's email

After the user click on the verification link, it is redirected to my domain with this data (formatted for reading):


Given that the user might have logged out by the time he/she clicks the link, how can I identify which mail was validated?

Hi @nicolasGranTorre ,

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To find out which email was verified, please go to the Auth0 dashboard → Monitoring → Logs, and search for the “Success Change Password” type. The details has the email.

This article explains how to submit feedback or feature request to our Production team. If you would like to submit a feedback to include the user email in the verification link, please fill in the feedback form.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks @lihua.zhang .

Could you please fix this docs: Customize Email Templates (title " Dynamic redirect to URLs")

It shows an example of this link including the verificated email. It’s very misleading.

Hi @nicolasGranTorre ,

Thank you for pointing out the inconsistency in the documentation. We have submitted an internal request to modify the Doc to avoid misleading in the future.

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We received updates from our Product team. They confirmed, for the Redirect URL field, only the following three parameters are supported. This is mentioned here.

  • (or its synonym )
  • application.clientID
  • application.callback_domain

Due to the limitation of the SPA framework, the doc mentioned a side effect and the workaround. The below image is part of the explanation of the side effect.

Hopefully, the above details answered your concerns! Please let us know if any other queries.

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