Verification mail (using link) - how to identify the user?

When a user register for the first time, he gets a verification mail with a link to confirm his email.

What is the best recommended practice to notify immediately external system about this mail confirmation?

We tried to use the “Redirect URL” option for this mail and to add the {{ }} parameter in the redirect URL, but the email was not submitted. How can we uniquely identify the user from the mail Redirect URL?
If the Redirect URL is not suitable for this, how can we get notified that the user has verified his mail?

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Hey there @auth030 welcome to the community!

Have you tried setting the includeEmailInRedirect flag of the verify_email template using the Management API?

Alternatively, you might be interested in utilizing log streams to monitor for successful email verification events - These will include the user’s email, user_id, etc.


We try to customize the mail, just like the image below:

In all our tests, the ‘clientmail’ parameter is blank.

So, as far as I understand, in order to get the mail in the callback URL, first we need the set the

‘includeEmailInRedirect’ flag in the Management API? Is that correct? And after that, we will get the email in as a GET parameter in the callback URL? The help article, you sent, says that the default value for the ‘includeEmailInRedirect’ flag is TRUE. In this case, what else we should set ?

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I have the same issue as you. Did you resolve it?

Hi, I resolved the issue. You can have a look at How to get user_id at Redirect To URL at Email Templates of Verify Email using Link

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