Is there a way to know immediately when a user verifies their email?


We want to make it so that when a user verifies their email, our API gets called and updates the user’s info in our database. In another post to a similar question, an Auth0 employee had mentioned that you can use the Redirect To field in the Verification Email template to customize where the user is redirected to after they click the link. This would be perfect but the Redirect To field doesn’t have access to the user’s id. I also know that through the Auth0 Authentication API webhooks, you can set the webhook up to only be for the Success Verification Email event but it is being called at the shortest every 5 minutes instead of the moment the Success Verification Email event happens. Now this would work for our situation but it isn’t ideal.

Does anyone know of a way to immediately be notified when a user verifies their email? Or are there any plans for the future that would solve our problem? Any advice would be great! Thanks!

  • Joshua Roberts
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Hi @jroberts! Welcome to the Auth0 Community.

I did some research and have found this response to another user:

Verification links will redirect back to your application with `success`, `email` and `message` parameters in the query string that you can use to trigger logic.

I haven’t tested it but am assuming this could solve your problem. We don’t currently support email verification webhooks but if it is something you would like to see we always appreciate your feedback.

Let me know if that works :smile: . If it doesn’t I can try working on another solution.


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