How to know when email is verified reliably (hook? Polling?)

So I am trying to figure this out:

I want to have free signups to a website, but I don’t want to enable service until the user’s email is verified.
But there’s no hook or flow or action to discern when email is verified on Auth0. So I’d like a hook or reliable way to know when they’re updated. What should I do to find out once an email is verified?

(Should I really rely on an email verification link to redirect to our website as a way to verify when the user finished signing up?)

Hey @cthomas,

Did you take a look at Log Streaming? It’s an option under monitoring → streaming.
I don’t know for a fact if Succes Verification is part of the logs that are available, but it could be worth investigating?

Other than that, using the redirect ability in Actions to first direct to a separate page that does a form of polling might also be an option.

Or just re-trigger the Authorize from the main application and get fresh tokens any time the user wants to perform an action/view something that needs verification first.

Many options (that do include customization) depending on what you want the user to experience.

Hope it helps!


How about adding a Flow or hook to the Auth0 platform. It seems like an obvious thing.