Auth0 action/hook/rules that handles onVerifiedEmail

Hello everyone,

I have a really short question. Currently I am new to Auth0 actions and rules, what I need is a simple event to send an email I will explain.

When a user registers on my app, they get sent a confirmation email that verifies their email. When the user clicks confirm my email their email gets verified. What I need is after the verification has been done, after the user confirms their email, I want to make an API request to SendGrid to add them to a mailing list.

I hope, this makes sense here is the flow: User registers → goes to their inbox to confirm their email → clicks on confirmation link → their email is confirmed → onConfrimEmail` → do something (make API call)

That is what I want to achive

Does Auth0 support this, is there a way to make this possible, with a hook/rule/webhook/actions or anything?

Answered here: When user verifies their email event?