Call an external API when user verifies email id

My usecase:

  1. [my app] Creates a user on Auth0 by calling the management APIs
  2. [auth0] Automatically sends a email asking the user to verify his email id
  3. [user] Verifies email successfully
    At the end of Step 3, I want auth0 to callback an API endpoint in [my app] notifying us of the ‘emailVerified’ status.

Could you please advice how would I go about solving this? I tried plugging in the code below under Rules and hooks. They run when invoked manually (in the editor) but not automatically when the user verifies email.

if (user.emailVerified) {
	const request = require('request');'http://my-app/endpoint', {
		json: user
	}, (error, res, body) => {
		if (error) {
		console.log(statusCode: $ {
} else {
	console.log('Unverified user');

Hi @keerthi,

Currently, there is no hook or rule dedicated to running on a successful email verification, so implementing this will be a bit of a workaround.

You can use log streams, which are http events that are triggered for each log, but you will need to sift through for email verification events aka "type": "sv".

Hope this helps,

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