Setting an email verification server callback

Hi all,
glad to join the community, we integrated Auth0 in our app and are really happy with it! :slight_smile:

Here what we are currently trying to implement:

  1. User registers
  2. User can log in and access some content
  3. App requires that user validated his email to have full access
  4. User validates his email
  5. Auth0 triggers a callback to our server API
  6. User can access all features

So for the step 5, we want to set up a callback to our own server API when a user verifies his email clicking on the link provided by the Auth0 default email:

It will call our api:

We tried to set up a hook but we cannot define a hook following an email verification, but only after a credential change, pre and post registration extension points.
So my question is: is there a way to implement this on top of the Auth0 existing features?
Looking forward to reading your advices, best,

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You can customize the Redirect To field in the email templates to dictate where Auth0 redirects to after the email is verified. You can find this in:

Dashboard > Emails > Verification Email > Redirect To.

You can set this to an endpoint in your application which will perform the necessary checks.

That is no same thing. VerificationEmailTemplate.redirectTo has option to specify only, but what about auth0User.user_id?