Trigger a DB update on email verification click

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We want to update our backend when a user clicks through the email verification. I can’t find a trigger in Rules or Actions that would listen for that event, only triggers that run directly after signup. An I missing something?

Right now, Auth0’s user database carries the updated ‘email verified’ flag, but after signup I can’t sync it with our own data.

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You are correct, there isn’t a trigger for successful email verification. Fortunately, Auth0 has a feature that allows you to essentially create your own triggers for any log event; Log Streams.

You can use a log stream to create your own event driven trigger in AWS or another service of your choosing. For example, you can have AWS event bridge trigger a Lambda function on a sv (successful verification) log event.

Additionally, this would be a good candidate for a Feature Request.

Hope that helps!

Thanks @dan.woda! If does help! Sounds a little more involved, but it is a solution. Is there an example or a documentation you can point me to?

This example gets you part of the way there. If you have specific questions let me know:

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