Updating my own database when user's email_verified flag is set to true

Hi there. I am currently implementing email changes for users. I am updating the user’s email in auth0 through the management client when the user’s email is changed. From my understanding, this will cause auth0 to send the user an email asking them to verify their email address. I do not want to change the email field for the user in my database until the email_verified flag is set to true on Auth0’s side. I was wondering what are the best practices for handling this? I was hoping to use a web hook to listen for a POST request from auth0 but it seems hooks are being deprecated for actions. Is there a way to do this with actions?

Hi @arav23,

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There isn’t currently an Action trigger for successful email verification (although we do have an open feature request, feel free to vote for it).

With that said, it’s possible to create your own “webhook” using Log Streams. For example, you can set up your logs to stream to AWS Eventbridge, and trigger a serverless function whenever a log "type":"sv" (successful verification), comes through the stream.

That serverless function would then make any necessary changes to your DB.

Hope that helps!

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