Email_verified automatically set to true when updating email

As discussed here:

2 years have passed and there’s no update, So I open a new thread, hoping someone help.

We are updating user’s email using Management API. Logs says successful but email_verified stays true after updated, although we set it to false, indicate user need to verify the new email.

Seems like with the accounts that verified by email(via “magic link”) the email_verified flag can not be updated, since it’s always true no matter what we set.
On the other hand, the accounts that was not verified or verified via Auth0 dashboard can be easily updated(email_verified flag)

Any idea will be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advanced.

Hi ,

Thank you for posting this topic on Auth0 Community!

I just tested in Management API PATCH user by id endpoint by updating the email, and noticed the email_verified was updated from true to false.

Could you please provide the body script of your PATCH request so I can verify this behavior further? Thanks!

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Hi @lihua.zhang ,
Thank you for supporting.
Upon further investigation, we found out the cause.
The problem is, after calling API(from PHP Laravel) to PATCH user info successfully, another function(Wordpress) automatically update email_verified flag back to true. We noticed this by checking Monitoring > Logs, to see 2 API Operations called.
We resolve this by updating user in Wordpress first, then Patch user in Auth0 by Management API.

Again, thank for your quick support.


Thank you for the updates! Glad to know it’s resolved. :+1: