Email address become automatically verified after changing email address and user login

Hi there,

I am implementing changing user’s email address and re-verifying email address using management API. I update user with:
{ email_verified: false, email: <new_email_address>, verify_email: true, connection: ‘Username-Password-Authentication’ }
In the response I have:
{ email: <new_email_address>, email_verified: false }
But after user login with the new email address without clicking the link in the verification email, “email_verified” changes to “true” automatically.

I also tried to update a user using only “verify_email” or “email_verified”, but I got the same behavior as describe above.

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Hey there!

That’s definitely not expected behaviour. Let me research that and get back to you soon!

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Just wanted to add that I am experiencing this as well. But I’m pretty sure it wasn’t doing this about a week ago as I was testing resend email verification functionality using the email_verified flag.

In case it provides more diagnostic info, I’m using the JS auth0 package ManagementClient.updateUser action to update the user email, email_verified (false), and verify_email (true) properties. At this point the user info in auth0 is as expected. Upon logout using the auth0-react package, still good.

Upon login using the react package shows that the email_verified flag is now set to true automatically.


Thanks for providing that context. I’ll let you know as soon as I find something