Create user verified trigger

Provide a trigger that allows execution of an Action when a user verifies their email by clicking on the Auth0-generated link in the verification email

The trigger would allow to run custom actions to update external systems etc.

Our systems (email, backend) are out of sync with Auth0 because they don’t know when a user verifies their email. Although this is a crucial step for many apps, this trigger doesn’t exist, so we have to try and keep things in sync by pulling the data from Auth0. It would be much easier to simply trigger an Action (or many depending on the use case).

Hey there @ab-121 thanks for the feedback, always appreciated!

Is there an existing solution or workaround for this? We have a couple of use-cases, e.g. saving user email to our external DB but only after user has verified the email, both when user registers for the first time or when user changes their email address and needs to re-verify.

Hey there!

Not yet as it hasn’t received enough votes yet but thank you for advocating for that!

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Feature: I would like a Flow Action on Post Email Verification

Description: I have seen several questions in the help forum on how to detect when a user has verified his/her e-mail adress without waiting for the user to log out and then log back in again. This would be very helpful for many web applications that adjust it’s content based on user validation, and treat a user without a verified email as a guest user.

Use-case: User creates an account on a web page with a forum that os open for read, but requires login for posting messages. Before the user has verified the provided email adress, the forum is still read only.

Hey there Andreas!

Thank you for creating this feedback card! Please make sure to upvote it so that it attracts as much attention from other users as possible. We review those feedback cards on a monthly basis and will let you know once we have any updates for you. Thank you!

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Hi all, we had another feature request for this so merged the topics.

I also have a possible workaround I can share in the mean time:

Using Log Streams, you can tap into any log event, essentially creating your own web hook. For email verification, you would filter for "type": "sv".

This is not as simple as an action, and requires some setup, but could get the functionality that is being described here.

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