On email confirm action

Could anyone tell how to do some action (REST request) on user email confirm.
As I investigated I can check if email verified in onExecutePostLogin action, but as I understand this action triggers after user logins, not exactly when email verified. Is there any solution?

Hi there @serhii.sierov !

Actions, per design, are triggered only on predefined events (Triggers column in this table)

I’m thinking about what else I can suggest, and maybe it would be helpful for you to know that after the user veirifies their email, i.e. successfully consumed email verification link, there is a tenant log entry generated:

  "date": "20.......Z",
  "type": "sv",
  "description": "Your email was verified. You can continue using the application.",
  "connection": "Username-Password-Authentication",

If you use log stream to export tenant logs to an external server, on that external server it is possible to detect this log event (type: “sv”) and trigger an action on that external server.
Log Streams.

Would you like to further discuss your use-case?

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