Verification email not sending email in return url

I have auth0 setup to send a Verification Email (using Link) and a redirect URL - http://localhost:3000/app/registration

When I create a user it’s working and they get the email, and it redirects with this URL:

The problem is: according to this link, it should include the email address of the registered user; however, it is not. Is there a reason for this? If I could simply pass the email, I could make an API call and complete the registration process through the auth0 API.

My intention is to send the user to a special registration page on my single page application site where they can finish the registration process and set their password. Any help with this would be appreciated - thanks!

Hi @tyler.andreasen,

You should be able to add a flag to the template to include the email. Checkout this topic that mentions how to do it:

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