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We created one SAML connection in one of our Auth0 tenants which is tagged as “Development” environment, and received a notification “It’s time to upgrade your Auth0 Plan”.
Do we need to upgrade our development tenants to test Enterprise Connection feature even if they’re not used in the production environment?

We have multiple Auth0 tenants including the one tagged as “Production” environment with paid subscription as well as several “Development” environment with free subscription for local development/testing purpose.
Our plan was to develop SAML integration feature within our development tenants, then release this feature with our production environment.


Hi @tks,

If you have an enterprise subscription, you can link multiple tenants to it so you can have a prod and dev tenant.

If you do not have an enterprise subscription, you can create a new tenant which will have a free trial. This gives you access to most enterprise features for testing purposes.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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