Question about development, staging and production environments, tenants

We have the enterprise subscription to Auth0. Currently, we have 3 tenants. 1 Production, 1 Staging, and 1 Development.
We are adding a new test environment for our products, so we’d like to add one more Auth0 tenant to match our new test environment. We want the new tenant to have the same features as our production tenant.


  1. According to the doc Rate Limit Policy ( and Management API Endpoint Rate Limits (, I can see the rate limits differences between the Enterprise production and the Enterprise non-production environments. However, I can’t find the information on the differences between Development(Non-production) and Staging(Non-production). Is there a doc that goes into more details on Development vs Staging? I’m trying to figure out if I should tag the new Auth0 tenant with Development or Staging.
  2. I’m not clear about the costs of adding more tenants. My understanding is
    1. There is no cost to add more non-production tenants. We only pay for the production tenants anyway?
    2. If we add a new production tenant, we’ll need to pay for it(number of monthly active users, add-on features, etc.)

Hi @patara.kulratanayan,

My understanding is that staging and dev environments are both considered non-production environments and have the same non-production rate limits you referenced in your post. Here’s the source on that info.

You may want to reach out to your account manager for these questions. Enterprise contracts are not always exactly the same.

I know it’s link multiple tenants under one subscription and consolidate usage.

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