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Auth0 tenants and multiple environments


We are a new startup that is about to go live with our first release in the near future.
At present we have been using 1 tenant per environment as advised here. This set up has worked well to get our application functionally ready but as go-live approaches we need to test other aspects that require our Auth0 subscription to be upgraded to the level it will need to be in production.

So far so good.

My problem/question hinges on how we can test aspects or our application, notably using custom domains and customised email templates, using a free subscription for pre-production environments.

As far as I can see, given that we (will) have 3 environments - Dev, QA and Production - we will need 3 paid-for Auth0 tenants in order to test this functionality. This essentially triples our costs on Auth0, which is something as a small startup we do not really have the resources to do.

Is there any way we can test these areas whilst still using a free tenant in the pre-production environments, or is this simply not possible?

If not I think we will have to combine our Dev and QA Auth0 tenants into a single tenant and somehow separate our environments internally using a different connection db for each one. At least that way we only need 2 paid-for tenants.

Another possibility is using a child tenant for our QA environment. I see that a child tenant is available if our monthly payments to Auth0 exceed a certain threshold - is this threshold movable? Can we request one (or more child tenants) whilst our monthly billing is below this threshold knowing that it will incur additional cost?

Thanks in advance


Hi @mike.moody,

Welcome to the Community!

If you set up an enterprise account, you pay only for the production tenant (number of monthly active users + add on features), and you can then create as many non-prod tenants as you need, and those non-prod tenants have access to all the features your production tenant has access to.

Thanks for the quick response.
That sounds like an idea solution, but given that cost is a major factor here surely an Enterprise subscription will be prohibitive given our current concerns over 3 Developer tenants?

I guess that this is something for a discussion with your sales team?


I would definitely ping the sales folks. It may be that the Developer Pro account also includes dev tenants with the same features which would allow you to go that route instead of enterprise. I’m guessing enterprise starts at around $1.5 - 2k/month since Dev Pro caps at $1400/m (for 7000MUAs).