Auth0 Tenants & Environments

Hi all,

I’m wondering about the logistics behind Auth0 tenants and application environments. I’ve read that it’s recommended to use different tenants for different environments (for example, a prod tenant vs a dev tenant). Is this true?

Also, with this approach, are there any good ways to make sure your tenants are configured exactly the same way? I currently have a dev tenant but not a prod tenant. The dev tenant has had a large amount of configuration (rules, clients, apis, etc) work done. This would be a big to task to reconfigure from scratch on a second prod tenant. Is there a way to make a “copy” of the dev tenant to a new prod one?


Welcome @marija

You are able to automate the migration of assets such as rules and database connections (and some others) between tenants through the Management API v2. You can find some more information and steps on setting up environments.


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